We may be getting plenty of water at the moment but throughout the summer months your garden beds can dry out very quickly.

Mulching is the number one way to protect your plants roots from drying out and keeping them looking lush and healthy throughout summer.

Not only does a good layer of mulch retain the moisture in your soils, organic mulches also slowly releases nutrienst as they decompose thus giving your plants a boost without you knowing it!

Now is the ideal time to top up the mulch on your garden beds.

Ideally you want a layer of mulch that is between 5 to 7cm thick. Be careful not to put it on too thick as this can actually stop rain from reaching the soil buy soaking the water up before it gets there.

It is also important to use a mulch with particles are not too fine or course. Fine mulches and composts don’t let water through to the soil as easily and provide happy environments for weeds to grow in.

Larger grade mulches such as the ones found in playgrounds let water through easily and suppress weeds well but beak down slowly so you don’t get the benefit of nutrient release. We recommend using a graded organic mulch of between 10-20cm. Ask your local garden supply retailer for your available options.

Before you apply your mulch, ensure that the soil is damp by going over it with your hose. Once it is down hose it again to settle any dust and check that the mulch is at least 2cm from any plant stems or tree trunks. Having mulch to close can cause your plant stems to rot. Remember to use appropriate clothing, safety glasses and some sort of face mask as mulching can be a dusty job, especially on hot windy days.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a ring or email.

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