How to find the best landscape gardeners

If you are a property owner and expect your garden to be in its optimal state, you should probably be looking for the service of a professional landscaper. Particularly in an area like the suburbs of Melbourne, there is a huge demand for landscaping work. As a result of that, you would come across a large number of landscaping experts. This guide will help you to find the best landscaper for your project.

Believe in word of mouth 

First, look for reputed vendors via word of mouth. Your friends, relatives or neighbours may have some known landscapers around. Just ask around if they can recommend someone. Still, word of mouth is considered to be the most powerful marketing tool and you should rely on that. You should shortlist a couple of vendors for further filtration. 


Check for their experience

You must check if the respective vendors have adequate experience in the field of landscaping. After all, experience matters a lot when it comes to a highly practical field like landscaping. Their experience will ensure that you get a high-quality output at affordable rates. 

Paper qualifications are important

Just like experience, paper qualifications matter a lot for a landscaper to succeed in the industry. These qualifications define how knowledgeable these vendors are and their capabilities of offering innovative and cost effective solutions. Moreover, such acceptable qualifications are mandatory for a landscaper to obtain his license. Therefore, if a respective landscaper is resultant to expose his professional qualifications, he might not be a licensed professional. So, it is always wise to check what their qualifications are. 

Excellent track record

Some landscapers are in the industry for many years and have a very poor track record. You should avoid such service providers and look for someone who has served a large number of customers. You can have a good idea about their track record just by looking at their customer testimonials. These testimonials should be available either on their website or social media profile (such as Facebook). 


Ask them to provide proof of their previous work

Apart from the feedback left by the previous customers, it is always better to see some pictures of the work they have done before. Thanks to the modern technology, the pictures of their completed (and ongoing) projects can be displayed on their websites. 

Compare the prices

Once you find several landscapers that meet the above requirements, you must get their prices (of course, in written format) and compare them. Find a landscaper that matches your price range. Don’t pick the landscapers solely based on the price factor; carefully consider the other requirements as well. 

Apart from that, you must talk with the landscaper and see how professional they are, do they have latest equipment and tools with them, are they updated with the latest industry trends etc. Be sure that you understand your requirement well and financially prepared at the initial stage of your landscaping project. 

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