7 Questions to Ask a Landscaping Contractor Company

Unlike building construction, landscaping very much relies on the landscaper’s creativity, eye for placement and detail. You will have an idea of what you need and it is up to the landscaper to make it come to life. That means you choice of a landscaping company will have a big bearing on the end results. To get the best landscaper on the job, there are some questions you can pose to potential hires. 

Can I see some referrals?

Just like a painter’s skill is judged by past work, the best way to judge the skill of a landscaper is to look at his previous work. Ask for 3-5 references and make a point of visiting them. Ask about the work ethic of the landscape including his willingness to consider client input.

Is a detailed design needed?

There are two ways to go about the design of the landscaping project. You can have ready-made designs such that the landscaper is implementing something agreed upon from the beginning. You can also allow the landscaper free rein to work on the lawn as he sees fit according to his experience and creativity. If you choose the latter approach, be clear on the pricing and other details that might alter the budget.

Is maintenance part of the package?

The landscaper can work on an installation only contract or a contract including maintenance of the landscape. If it is the latter package, ask details about the maintenance including frequency, duration of the maintenance agreement after the installation, and the pricing.

What species of evergreens are available?

Different places differ in weather and soils. You will want evergreen species that are adapted to your local weather and soils. If there are specific species you want to be planted, ask if there are arbourists on the crew who can take care of it.

Will permits be necessary?

Some of your ideas may require permits from the local authorities. You may not be aware of these requirements so it is best to ask from the landscaper. Be clear on who is responsible for obtaining the permits if required.

Do you have workplace compensation insurance?

Workplace compensation insurance takes away liabilities from you in case anything happens when the job is going on. This is important as the typical homeowner insurance cover will not protect you in such cases.

What is your guarantee?

Typically, landscaping contractors will offer 2 years of guarantee. Ideally, this should be 5 years. Experts recommend that the minimum guarantee for paver and wall installation should be 2 years.

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