Lush green lawn is a welcoming sight to any garden or premise.

Lawn has many applications so when selecting one to suit your needs, there are many important factors to consider, including:

  • Is the lawn area sunny, shady or both?
  • What is the purpose of the lawn? Is it to be admired from afar or used for play and pets?
  • What is the climate like in which the lawn will grow?

AEP Pools and Landscapes will provide expert advice to ensure you choose the right lawn for your garden.


The foundation of a perfect lawn is good preparation. Whether you have an existing lawn, barren space or an area with a hard surface, we will prepare the area to support the growth of a healthy and lush lawn. This preparation includes removal of any old surfaces, leveling of the area and cultivation of the soil to give the new lawn the optimum growing platform.

Once the area has been prepared and fertilized appropriately, the lawn is ready for the installation. In some instances, a layer of sand must be added to the top of the lawn to support the bedding of the roots.

The preparation and installation process can be complete in as little as two days for an average sized residential garden.


There is a wide variety of lawn grasses available for use throughout Australia. The type of grass used will be selected based on your personal requirements; however, these are the most commonly used grasses in Australia:


Type: Top runner

Leaf: Broad

Season: Summer

Position: Full sun or part shade

Comments: Great lawn for children, pets and looks due to its lush green leaf. Low water and maintenance. Will self-repair, and is easily controlled.


Type: Bottom and top runner

Leaf: Slim to medium

Season: Summer

Position: Full sun

Comments: Great lawn for children and pets, low water and maintenance. Will self repair. Control is needed to stop it invading garden beds.


Type: Bottom and top runner

Leaf: Medium

Season: Summer

Position: Full sun

Comments: Lawn is used for large sporting fields and parks making it very hard wearing. Self repair, control is needed to stop it invading garden beds.


Type: Clumping

Leaf: Medium

Season: Winter

Position: Full sun, part shade to shade

Comments: Soft grass that is beautiful to look at light play. A little more water and care is needed with this lawn.

Synthetic lawn

If you prefer the features, appearance or application of synthetic grass, several options exist. Further information can be provided upon request, based on your specific requirements.


Once installed, it is important to water the lawn generously until it is well established. This is usually required for approximately three weeks, or longer in extreme weather.

Once the lawn is established, the specific care and maintenance schedule will vary based on the type of lawn installed and the environmental conditions. Generally, your lawn should be kept moist at all times, mowed fortnightly to the recommended height and fertilized on a six-monthly basis.

Once the installation of your lawn has been completed, our expert team will provide you with a personalised maintenance routine to ensure your lawn is maintained in optimal condition. We also provide maintenance services, should you prefer that we maintain the condition of your lawn.

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