Paving in Melbourne

Paving is an attractive and low maintenance option for your outdoor and alfresco areas. Paving should be considered an aesthetic tool that can be used both generously and sparingly to enhance the overall ambience of your home, providing a smooth transition from indoor living to out.


The preparation of the base of the paved area can vary significantly according to the purpose of the paved area and the type of paver that is being used. For example, will cars be parked on the paved area or will the area only be viewed from afar? Is your paver strong and solid or is it fine and delicate? These elements determine whether a flexible or firm base is required and preparation of this base is equally important as the installation of your paving.

A flexible base comprises compacted stone with a layer of sand to bed the paver. No grouting is required with a flexible base; instead the position of the paver is secured by brushing sand into all surrounding cavities. This base is most commonly used where the paving will be utilised for regular foot traffic and where a strong and steady paver is selected it may also be used for light car traffic.

A solid base refers to a layer of solid concrete. All forms of paving can be laid on a solid base; paving will be fixed through the application of a tile adhesive or mortar. A solid base is suitable for all paving purposes and no movement will occur.


There are many factors to consider when choosing paving for your home; the purpose and style of the area, colour, size, type and the way in which it complements the surrounding environment.

The selection process must also consider the construction requirements associated with your preferred paving options; our expert team will provide personalised advice and recommendations to ensure your selection can be implemented with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and within your budget.


With the majority of our paving work undertaken around the suburbs of Camberwell, Kew, Hawthorn, Balwyn and Surrey Hills, our expert Melbourne pavers are available to discuss options around the Eastern and Bayside suburbs of Melbourne.

Simply send us an email and we will be in touch shortly to speak with you about your paving requirements for your next project.

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