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4 Landscaping Tips for Busy Homeowners

A beautiful yard with a great looking design can boost your home’s curb appeal dramatically.  Gorgeous garden layouts also increase your property value and make home life so much fun and healthy simply because you will be much more likely to spend more time in the outdoors.  

The only downside to a garden is the fact that maintaining a beautiful garden is very hard work and can be very time-consuming.  If you are one of those busy homeowners who doesn’t have much time to spend with family, let alone in your garden, then you will love the following four landscaping tips.

Steer clear of high maintenance garden features

The first thing you need to do is to avoid anything with high maintenance.  Flower gardens are a very good example of a garden that needs a lot of attention.  Most flowers need a lot of love and care and your beddings constantly need to be weeded and styled.  You also constantly have to replace old garden plants. Create a low maintenance garden by investing in plants that don’t require much attention.   Focus on maintaining a great looking lawn and forget about all of those fine and delicate garden plants like flowers, and hedges.

Choose sturdy garden features

Choose garden features that are sturdy and that doesn’t require upkeep.  A good example is a beautiful statue fountain instead of delicate plants.  You can also invest in sturdy pebble or stone walkways to keep your lawn in great condition.  Materials like rocks, lawn edging and pavers can also reduce your need to mow your garden or to trim lawn edges.  A dock with a sturdy fire pit will also look great, it is a good place to spend your time and will reduce garden maintenance dramatically.

Invest in the right type of plants

If you simply cannot imagine a garden without beautiful plants then you can always consider drought-tolerant plants like succulents and cactuses.  These tiny plants get by with surprisingly little water and they look brilliant if combined with pebble or rocky driveways. Evergreens are also great options for low maintenance gardens since you don’t have to do nearly as much raking during autumn and these plants are usually pretty easy to maintain.

Add some colour without the use of flowers

A vibrant green garden always looks great but a splash of colour here and there can make your garden stand out more and will give you that tidy and organised feel.  There are quite a few ways to add some colour to your garden. You can invest in tinted mulch for a brighter and tidier look and to reduce your need to pull weeds. Modern tinted mulch is even available in purples and pinks and also reduces your water requirement since these coverings keep the sun from absorbing moisture from your garden.  You can also add colour by investing in bright coloured rocky walkways, by painting garden pots and decorations a brightly or by installing beautiful mosaic works all around your garden.

With tips like these in mind, you can easily create a great looking low maintenance garden in which you and your family would actually love to spend some time.  And if time is still not on your side then you can always give us a call at AEP Landscapes. We can come over and do any garden conversions for you and we can also maintain your garden for you on a weekly or biweekly basis.  Our experienced gardening teams are superb at providing proper garden care and will ensure that your garden looks superb at all times.


We may be getting plenty of water at the moment but throughout the summer months your garden beds can dry out very quickly.

Mulching is the number one way to protect your plants roots from drying out and keeping them looking lush and healthy throughout summer.

Not only does a good layer of mulch retain the moisture in your soils, organic mulches also slowly releases nutrienst as they decompose thus giving your plants a boost without you knowing it!

Now is the ideal time to top up the mulch on your garden beds.

Ideally you want a layer of mulch that is between 5 to 7cm thick. Be careful not to put it on too thick as this can actually stop rain from reaching the soil buy soaking the water up before it gets there.

It is also important to use a mulch with particles are not too fine or course. Fine mulches and composts don’t let water through to the soil as easily and provide happy environments for weeds to grow in.

Larger grade mulches such as the ones found in playgrounds let water through easily and suppress weeds well but beak down slowly so you don’t get the benefit of nutrient release. We recommend using a graded organic mulch of between 10-20cm. Ask your local garden supply retailer for your available options.

Before you apply your mulch, ensure that the soil is damp by going over it with your hose. Once it is down hose it again to settle any dust and check that the mulch is at least 2cm from any plant stems or tree trunks. Having mulch to close can cause your plant stems to rot. Remember to use appropriate clothing, safety glasses and some sort of face mask as mulching can be a dusty job, especially on hot windy days.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a ring or email.